Jim Thienel - Chairman

Jim Thienel
Serving as the Chairman of Oakland County Republican Party is Jim Thienel’s way of continuing his service to the country and Oakland County as his home. Four years of active duty service and three years in the reserve of the United States Air Force allowed him to serve in Japan and Taiwan, as well as closer to home in Texas, Florida, Delaware and Illinois.

Jim’s experience in the military built a foundation of duty, honor and service that is still the hallmark of his work across Oakland County, promoting Republican core values and candidates for local offices that will legislate with conservative principles. 

Serving on the Board of Directors of  the “ Michigan Chapter of the National Congress of Fathers and Children” and “Fathers for Equal Rights”  was the beginning of Jim’s passionate involvement with national and local advocacy groups.  He dedicates his time and efforts to the citizens of Oakland County in affecting change locally, statewide and across the nation.

Even with such a busy schedule, Jim found the time to start a new production as the host of the influential TV cable access show, “The Oakland Right”. This local program featured guests and topics that included current political issues, while highlighting individuals and events that made a difference in Oakland County.

While Jim keeps a fast pace schedule as a result of his commitment to the Republican party, he still maintains his management duties with Berkley Appliances, an appliance parts and service business,  which is widely known as a leader in the appliance repair industry in Oakland County.

As a family man with eight grandchildren, Jim still finds the time to tinker with model railroads, indulge in photography and even do extreme jet skiing. Jim is proud of his personal collection of books on American history, military and biographies of our nation’s founders.

As the Chairman of the Oakland County’s Republican Party, one of Jim’s main goals for the next year and beyond is to expand the membership of the Oakland County’s Republican 400 Club. The membership to this club is available to all Republicans that wish to dedicate themselves in a significant and a unique way to the Republican causes.